Nikhil Desai
UX/UI Designer focused on Value-Based Solutions

Hello there, I design
digital products

(and I have experience developing them)

Arthentic Events
NFT Onboarding
J1 Arts
Ecommerce Solution
Jaica Creative
Client/Employee Booking Portal
Past Work
Behance Case Studies

My History

My expertise in user experience and computer science has benefitted every project I work on.

Melanin Motions Studios
Production/UX Designer
May 2020 — May 2021
ArthenticMe LLC
Product Designer
May 2018 — Present
BigEye Agency
Web Design/QA Intern
January 2020 — March 2020
Orlando Fringe Festival
Production Intern
January 2020 — March 2020
The pandemic allowed me to gain perspective, focusing my career path. I found that my interest lays in using information architecture to solve common user bottlenecks, something I used to create a client onboarding process at my studio, Melanin Motions.
Exploratory Internships
While studying design at the University of Central Florida, I freelanced in the media industry of Orlando. I've worked on everything from restaurant menus to technical A/V gigs, to find that my passions are with media and consumer-side technology.
Transition into Web 3.0
While freelancing, I eventually became the part-owner of a event coordination business called ArthenticMe. After taking time to consider how an events company could function during a global shutdown, Arthentic began to enter the metaverse. I took charge of designing NFT use cases, as well as a plan to create AR/VR experiences.

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